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Audio and Localization Services

Experts in Localization Services, AVP has been leading the way with its studios based in Beirut, Lebanon.

Our 300 m2 local includes 6 Recording studios and 2 Mixing rooms.
At AVP we have learned that the quality of dubbing is established by several factors, especially Voice Casting, Translation Consistency, and natural acting.
We work on any type of series and movie: Drama, Cartoons, Reality Show, Live Action, and Documentaries.
At AVP, we “Speak Your Language”, Lebanese dialect, Syrian dialect, Traditional Arabic, English (American and British accents), French, and more.
Voice Over
We have the best voice talents for your projects and commercials.
Music and Effects for all types of series and movies.
Stereo Basis, 5.1 Surround
ATMOS 5.1.4
E-Learning Audio Books
Wide range of experienced voice talents.
Catchy music for your brand.
Video and audio in perfect timing.
Music Creation
Original music for your content.
Cartoon Songs Re-writing
We completely rewrite the songs while dubbing them instead of translating them only, to keep the rhythm, rhyme, and meaning.
Quality Control and Quality Assurance
We verify the quality of our projects.
Voice Casting
Voices of all types, genders, and ages in several languages. We have countless talented professionals available to meet all your needs.